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CMI Ltd. is a construction firm that specializes in interior finishing jobs. Our team of builders can provide you with a complete solution for your construction needs. We build according to your design and use only the best material available.

We provide high quality service to satisfy the needs of our customers. The aesthetics of a structure tells a person many things about the owner of the building. The overall feel and appearance of the building from the outside can make a lasting impression on your visitors. Businesses who want to build trust among their clients should establish this point even before the client enters the premises. CMI will help you achieve the best results for your office building by incorporating the use of modern technology in the construction.

Our services include installation of acoustic ceilings, insulations walls and attics, gypsum board application, steel stud framing and drywall finishing. It is the company’s passion for helping business owners has a professional and accommodating environment for their clients. We are committed to meet the needs of the customers and get the job done with quality in an efficient manner.

Talk to our talented support staff and see how CMI can provide you with the best Interior finishing solutions.

Langenburg School, SK

CMI LTD. is working on their current project in Langenburg School in Saskatchewan. This school boasts 60,000 sq ft to handle this community and will be grades K-12 classes.  Specifics with this school will handle industrial arts and home ec. and equipped with a theater to round it out, along with the regular class rooms. This is also a Leed Project, and will be opening in fall of 2016.

Consistent Quality throughtout the process

  • Tundra Oil, Virden, Manitoba

    June 23, 2013

  • Bolton Bay, Virden, Manitoba

    April 30, 2013

  • CES, Virden, Manitoba

    January 01, 2013

  • Roblin Ford, Roblin, Manitoba

    March 18, 2013

  • TL Penner, Virden, Manitoba

    August 07, 2012

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