The expertise and dedication of CMI in providing excellent construction interior finishing solutions for businesses has resulted to providing the maximum satisfaction to both our clients and their consumers. Our experts are willing to listen and understand the parameters and preferences of each of our clients. We are well equipped to assist you with all your retail and commercial construction needs.

Our team of expert workers can provide the construction solutions tailored to the specifications of our clients. From drywall finishing to gypsum board application and insulation walls and attics, we guarantee that our work will be made according to your individual needs and budget. Offices and commercial spaces that require steel stud framing and acoustic ceilings can count on CMI. From the entrance, to the lobby and into the offices, we guarantee that your company’s vision and goals are expressed within the walls, flooring, ceiling and doors of your business establishment.

Every material we use is checked to ensure safety and quality construction. CMI is dedicated to excellence and to compromise our standards for profit is not a characteristic of our company. CMI believe in fair dealing and partnership with all our clients to provide nothing but an excellent construction interior finishing solution.

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CMI LTD Industrial Manitoba


Safety and aesthetics are two factors can be difficult to merge especially in the construction of industrial spaces. In most cases, aesthetics is completely put aside to give priority to the functionality and safety of industrial structure. Although the safety should be the primary concern in all construction projects, the aesthetics of the structure gives your company its face and how it looks in the eyes of your partners.

 CMI’s construction experts allow the company to take on any industrial project. Whether you need drywall finishing, gypsum board application, acoustic ceilings, steel stud framing or insulation walls and attics, our team of skilled craftsmen can do the job.

CMI is involved in every step of the process. We see to it that everything goes as planned and that there will be no deviated from the originally approved master plan for the project. With the consultation of other experts and authorities in industrial construction, we guarantee our clients that our workers are certified and insured. Our team can work on any industrial structures in Canada. We work with our clients to come up with the best construction solution for their industrial space. We are proud of our work and do the job according to Canadian build standards.

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